Essay about the Facebook Era by Clara Shih:

Essay about the Facebook Era by Clara Shih:

The facebook era that was presented by Clara Shih shows that the innovation of technology is upgrading now days. The different websites such as facebook, twitter, multiply, and other social network shows the importance of communication in our family, friends, teachers, schoolmates, and other people. This is used also in many businesses and makes our job easier. In the facebook we can make friends to anyone as many as you can if you have an account. But before you make a facebook account, you need first to have a yahoo mail account. Then, you can now enjoy surfing the internet if you have these accounts. The facebook era gives the marketers opportunities to make the business easy and accessible in the market. By the use of facebook, electronic commerce, internet marketing, retail website, and other online businesses is formed. The electronic payments and transactions is also applied in many occasions especially when both of the respondents are far from each other. It is useful in many corporate meetings in large companies and has many branches in the market. All of the board members, agents, managers can attend the meeting only in the internet connection. Clara Shih explained in facebook era the use of technology and the effect of this technology to its user. Clara Shih is recognized author, blogger, and entrepreneur who pioneered the social business movement in 2007 when she first developed the first business application on facebook. Even though the internet is important nowadays there is also a negative effect of this. Some of the user in facebook will become a victim of cyber bullying and other bad images. The hackers of many account is also destroying the image of the owner of the account. Some big companies have a problem in the hackers because important information will be found out with the other people. The use of technology is important but we must limit ourselves in doing such things. We all know that this is useful and can generate income and profit. But, we must remember that overused of technology can give bad effect in our health. Not only in our health but also our image in the society and the effect of our values as human. The government must regulate all the user and owners of the website because some of them make an illegal business. The cyber sex which is prohibited because it makes the user act in pornography.

The innovation of the facebook and other social network is giving opportunities to all but also it gives threats to the company. Some problems were occur in making such account in the internet some criminals used the name of the other person to hide their identity. The making of facebook accounts is now becomes a business. Not only can the government make money out of tax that paid for them by the business owners the company gain also profits in their business. Many internet café and stores used the internet for the convenience of the service. The use of the internet make the service effective and efficient and mostly it gives less cost in the part of the service providers. Facebook is nothing more than a medium for communication, and yet, it is so much more than that. At a glance, a user can learn everything from what gender a facebook member is, to what religion they believe in, what school they attend, and their likes and dislikes, all with the click of a mouse. Facebook has become a phenomenon for the social networking set, and what makes that so amazing is that facebook did not even exist until 2004. Facebook have on today’s technologically advanced society. It allows people who probably never would have met each other in person to communicate, it creates new relationships and friendships, and it places distance between people who could communicate in person but instead choose to communicate online, instead. It is just another element of society that is interested in sharing the information with the intimacy of a close, personal relationship.  Facebook on the surface is a socially acceptable networking site for college students and others to connect, share experiences, and meet old friends. It does say some disturbing things about how our society views privacy, personal information, and how our society is adjusting to the age of technology, and it brings into question what a generation of facebookers will deal with the challenges of the real world in person, like career, family, and success. 

Facebook is kind of a fantasy land where people can make up anything they want to command attention, they can live an alternative life if they choose, and no one is the wiser. The fact that people accept these profiles at face value, and choose people as friends based on these profiles says a lot about our society. For all our worries about information and identity theft, people are still seemingly naive when it comes to sites like facebook, where they post intimate details with no thoughts to the consequences. As a facebook user you must be knowledgeable in what you have posted in your wall you must be responsible in all of your actions and activities in the internet. It’s true that facebook can bring people closer together. Perhaps by helping to reconnect people with close relatives who live across the country or even discovering old childhood friends. But it can also drag them further apart. Facebook gives people the chance to be mean without having to suffer the consequences. A possible scenario could be at school. Imagine you have an argument with your friend because you believe that she gossiped about you to other students. In the facebook you can make you r assignments, projects, and play all the games you like. The best in facebook is you can enjoy movies and games but most of all the information and the bonding to your friends and family.  Facebook has no screening, someone can post something not of her belonging that is very private and have the whole world see it, or one may lash out at someone over a simple conversation and have it go downhill. But whether one is the bully or the victim, once it’s posted, it doesn’t go away. The overused of the internet can make problems especially in the young ones. Many students went to internet café for fun and not to study their lessons. It gives also negative images to the young ones who watched pornography and other bold films. The advantage for the young ones is the making of assignments, projects, ideas and information. For the music lovers they can watch live bands and guitar tabs and chords for the music. In the part of the farmers they can used also internet for the information needed for the plants and all agricultural products they needed. Information about pesticides and proper treatment if the problem occurs in the plants. For the teachers they can make lesson plans easier in the used of internet. Computations of grades can also be applied and they give their projects and assignments out of internet connections. The internet can give answers for almost all information that is needed by man. But the too much used of this technology it can give us problem also like the damage of our eyes and can cause also cancer for its radiation. The use of this technology is used all over the world and mostly 70% of the people are using this technology. Even in the church nowadays some priests are using this technology for celebrating a mass. The media also plays a big role in the internet; they can gain profits in the sense of information in advertising the products or services of one company.  It is a good opportunity for the students especially in the enrollment and paying of tuition fees.

In the innovation of the technology many have benefited almost all people benefited from it. But the one who have benefited most are the marketers, it is because the income of the marketers nowadays is almost doubled since the internet invented. Their income was doubled simply because the customers can make an easy access to the service provider. The relationship of customers to its service providers is maintained by giving the exact information about the products. The customer and the service provider have win-win relationship to each other. The customers are sometimes demanding but the company can handle its demand by the use of the internet. Almost all people are using technology nowadays so it shows that the innovation of facebook and other social networks is very effective. Even in the cellular phone and small gadgets the internet is activated. You can use facebook even in the cellular phones.  Even if there are no physical products they can show their products in video recordings and upload it to the internet. For the retail industry promotional products is highly used in the internet and also the proper positioning of the product to make it sellable to the market. For the business world electronic transactions is very important especially the use of electronic banking. For the hobbyist of any sports; outdoor and indoor sports they can get information easily on what sport they want to engage. Technology is useful thing but everything that is too much is not good to us even medicines do have right dosage to take it.





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